Saturday, March 23, 2019

Publishing Services

Jane Ross is the owner of MJR Publishing Services, providing professional editing and publishing services since 1996. She is based in Austin, Texas.

Services I provide:

Text: Writing and editing.

Coaching: Coaching authors through the self-publishing process.

Coordinating print publishing projects: Type design and page layout, uploading books to print on demand publishing websites.

Visuals: Digital photography, photo scanning, preparation of photos and illustrations for print and the web, cover design.

Workshop presentations on writing and editing.

Facilitating writing groups.

Other projects: Coordinating virtual volunteers for non-profits; art book binding and book repair.

Contact Jane

Be sure and tell me a little bit about your project and what kind of help you may need.


Phone: 1-512-323-6595

Connecting with Your Readers

Jane RossWhat does it take for a writer’s words to truly connect with their readers?

Tightening and polishing your writing are vital steps to your success as an author. Readers judge your authority on how well your words have been copy-edited and proofread. But error-free writing on its own does not create that elusive connection that all writers seek. I can help you create that connection.

I have specialized in clear writing and careful editing for clients ranging from technical and educational publishers to non-profits for more than ten years. And in the past eight years, through my work as a writing group facilitator, lifewriting editor, workshop presenter, and publishing consultant, I have helped many writers reach that deeper level of writing that lets their personal stories truly connect with their readers.

I look forward to hearing from you.