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A Red Letter Day for Lita

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09-12-30LitaDecember 30th, within days of Lita’s birthday, her family held a book-launch party to celebrate the release of her memoir, La Familia de los Santos.

And now, two weeks later the “family edition” of her book is officially published and available to all through print-on-demand company

Austin author Lita de los Santos has been writing her family’s story for more than 10 years. In the seven years she has been in my monthly writing group, she has added many new stories to her collection and developed her writing voice. Working together since 2008, Lita and I have pulled together the many disparate anecdotes into a compelling 200-page story. As all of our proofreaders agreed, it’s a story you can’t put down, as Lita traces her father’s arrival in Texas from Mexico over 100 years ago, through his years working on the railroads, as a shepherd, as an oil-roustabout, and as an engineer. As his story converges with Lita’s own memories, we learn how he came to be a successful tenant farmer on a small slice of heaven in north-central Texas and how this idyllic life is almost lost when he determines to take the family back to Mexico to reclaim his ancestral home.

With Lita’s story up until the early 1930s now completed, we are working to secure grant funding to edit and develop the next volume of her memoir and to offer the books to Texas schools. Look for blog updates on that process and on the work that went into getting her first book published.

Congratulations, Lita, on your 82nd birthday and on the publication of the first of two volumes of your memoir!


11 Responses to “A Red Letter Day for Lita”
  1. Tanya says:

    Dear Aunt Lita, This is Tanya Perez, your brother Al’s granddaughter. I have received a copy of your book from Yolanda. I wanted to let you know I loved the book. Did not know much about the history of my Great Grandpa and Grandma and the family. My grandpa did not speak much of his dad, I just knew he was a hard working man. I loved hearing your stories and memories of your childhood. I’m soo looking forward to reading more of your books.
    Love Tanya

  2. Jane Ross says:

    Hi Tanya,
    This is your Aunt Lita’s editor, Jane. I’m so glad that you loved her book. I have loved working with her on the first book and now I’m getting ready to begin editing the second, which will cover her life up until World War II. I’ve passed on your comment to Lita. I know she’ll be delighted to hear from you. All the best,
    Jane Ross

  3. You have given all of Apa’s and Ama’s grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and into the future grandchildren such a wonderful gift and I honor you and all who supported you in your endeavor.

    With deepest Love & Affection

  4. Renee De Los Santos Marcum says:

    I would love to dig a little deeper, Aunt Lita. I want to know more about your father’s (and mother’s) relatives. Is there history I can find in Monclova or Musquiz about the De Los Santos’s? Would love to know and more pics of Grandfather Ernesto and Grandma Angelita. Which saloon did they run in the little town close to Ranger? Was it the one with the horseshoe bar in it by Ranger Hill?


    Renee’ De Los Santos Marcum (Charlie De Los Santos Jr’s daughter)

  5. Jane Ross says:

    Hi Renee. I passed your comment and questions on to Lita. I know she was thrilled to hear from you. Isn’t it wonderful how a book of family stories can help us reconnect. Good luck with your search into your family’s history.

  6. Edward Guajardo says:

    Dear Miss Lita

    I have come across this web site when I heard that you wrote your book. My records that I have show 12 bros and sisters besides Angelita and I was surprised when I saw my Grandfather Felipe had a daughter that I have no idea existed (Beatrez) all my records show that there was 5 children and possibly a sixth born around 1920 but cannot confirm this records come from a census record from Eastland TX. All those children have now passed away except for my Aunt Mary in Chicago. If you can help me find some answers please contact me.

    P.S. as soon as I can I plan on buying your book and learning about my family from more than just records

  7. Conrado Guajardo says:

    Prima Lita,
    Thank you so much for this book. It has shed some much needed light on our family tree. Plus it was a great story. Love to read obout life in the old west days. I only hope to one day meet you.

    Great grandson of Conrado and Carlota Guajardo,
    Conrado G. Guajardo

  8. gina ortiz says:

    Hi, I’m Connie’s granddaughter Gina Ortiz. This book is so cool. I’ve been searching for family history. I tried the web site ancestry and had no luck.

  9. jesse contreras says:

    Angelita, a few lines to say it is good to have a family member to write about our family. It is only a shame that you have not written about the struggles of the family’s monarchs … your grandfather Conrad and grandmother Carlotta. Perhaps you might have a few lines of Conrad’s struggles, but what do you know of my Tia Carlotta and her sister my Tia Bruna, and the struggle that their father, Margarito Contreras had. Our families are large and all over this country, and all Americans — Chicanos but Americans. It is good to be able to send you a comment, please to send a reply back. A Primo from the Contreras side, Jesse Contreras.

  10. Rick Munoz says:

    Tia Angelita: I am Rick, grandson of your oldest sister Josephine (chepa) Gimenez, son of your niece Lillian. I was at the first “De los Santos” reunion in Eastland Texas back in 1996 I believe it was. I am happy to know that your book has been published. I am living in Central America and will be back in the States in August 2011 to visit. I would like to have you sign my copy, if you would please, it would be a great honor for me.

    De los Santos/Gimenez is a large family. In Michigan and Ohio the family has become so large its hard to keep track of everyone. Our history is of the utmost importance. Thank you for your memoirs. My mother and grandparents told me their “De los Santos” stories but I sure am glad to have a printed copy of the story of our family, who have had a tremendous impact on American History and the world as we have! Please respond with an address. Thank you. God Bless!

  11. Elaine Smart says:

    Great Aunt Lita, thank you for preserving the family history and giving us a chance to view and read a panoramic view of the family and its history never before seen by me or my siblings, or even by my mother. I have not yet read the books but have seen and read some of your works online. I know that no mention is made of my mother’s birth. I want you to know what a classy lady my mother is and a mother very hard to beat. She really is one of the very best! Your brother Nick – our Uncle Nick was always good to us. We grew up knowing our cousins in Chicago. I always enjoyed visiting our uncle and aunt’s warm home filled with lots of family members always upstairs and downstairs and their dog. All of my relatives from Eastland speak with a distinctive Tex-Mex accent hard for me to describe but one that I recognize immediately. I enjoyed viewing your interview on the recently recorded “Foto Voz” through the University of Austin, Texas, you, too, have the same familiar way of speaking.

    Once again, thank you and I look forward to reading all of your material.


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