Saturday, February 23, 2019

Brown Babies, Pink Parents

Today, my delightful client Amy Ford received the proof copy of her self-published book on transracial adoption, Brown Babies, Pink Parents, and it looks fabulous! Amy came by my house this afternoon to show me the sample of the 125-page book that I worked with her to edit during June. Her good friend, graphic designer Karen Barry, created the gorgeous cover.

Amy Ford, newly published author.

Amy Ford, newly published author.

Amy will be presenting at an adoption conference in early August and wanted to have copies ready in time to take with her.  So starting 1st of June, we needed to complete the editing by the end of June to get the text and cover to print-on-demand publisher a month ahead of the end-of-July publication date. It was a pretty tight timeline but everyone involved worked hard to make it happen.

During July, Lulu staff did the type design and layout and there were two rounds of corrections. Now that Amy has seen the final proof of her book, she’ll be ordering copies to sell at the conference. The web page for the book will shortly be open for business. And meanwhile Amy has created an informative website for the book at

I am so impressed with Amy’s can-do approach to the publication process — a process that can present a pretty steep learning curve for first-time authors. And Amy has shown herself to be a natural at marketing. She has a ready-made platform for her book through the support organization for white parents of African-American kids that she heads and she already has a set of ambitious marketing plans for her book.

Congratulations Amy on the publication of your first book and I wish you the greatest success!

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