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Kitchen Table Stories

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Cookbook2x2webAn anthology combined with a community cookbook, with food stories and related recipes from the women of Story Circle Network. In 2007, Jane Ross coordinated a team of 10 volunteer editors to edit the stories and recipes of their fellow Story Circle Network members to create a community cookbook that was an enjoyable read with recipes that were consistent and user-friendly.


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  1. I submitted two recipe-stories to this wonderful anthology that Jane edited and compiled, Kitchen Table Stories. It is an awesome book! It is filled with wonderful, family recipes, and fascinating stories to accompany them.

    Jane Ross is the best writing mentor and friend anyone could ever ask for. She taught me how to believe in myself, and how to use the new writing tools of the 21st century. We worked together at The Story Circle Network for a few years. It is a writing organization that encourages women to tell their life stories. Jane not only encouraged me to be a better writer, but a better person as well. She was firm and tough at times, but she was also the warmest and most supportive teacher anyone could ever hope for. I made this point twice for emphasis.

    I miss her very much, but everyone at some point in their life has to move on to other, new endeavors.

    One of my latest published pieces on the shelves in bookstores is a book entitled, My First Year in the Classroom., edited and compiled by Stephen D. Rogers. It came out in September of 2009. My story is called “Coming Full Circle.” It is about one of my early years of teaching. It was quite a challenging year to say the least, but I learned a great deal.

    In addition to my freelance writing career, I am also a full-time, Language Arts and Spanish teacher to seventh graders. I will be starting my sixteenth year at Parker Junior High in Flossmoor, Illinois, this fall. I have been a teacher for about 21 years.

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