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Upcoming Writing Prompts Book

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Writing prompts are the hooks we hang our story on as we search our memories for the events, emotions and relationships that make up our past.

Writing prompts

A good writing prompt evokes our past by activating memories, first of smells, sounds, sights, and emotions. Once those memories start to stir in our consciousness, the prompt should guide us towards the specifics of the memory and encourage us to notice and record the sense memories that arise and the stories that go with them.

Working with a group of eight to ten senior women during eight years, each month I brought a new writing prompt to our group. The results were extraordinary! Over those eight years, three of our group completed a collection of their stories that they had begun in our class and went on to self-publish them as a book aimed at friends and family members.

My goal now is to collect the writing prompts together into my own self-published book so that more senior women can experience the joys of lifewriting. I’ll post news of progress here as it happens.

(You can read more about the writing circle here. During 2011, I am on sabbatical overseas. The circle decided that they were ready to take over facilitating their own meetings, so members now share the job of bringing a writing prompt to the monthly meetings.)

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