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Visualizing Your Book and Your Readers

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There are lots of steps in the process of turning a manuscript into a printed book. As a self-published author, you can opt to keep it simple or you can go all out with a beautifully designed and decorated volume. It really depends on the time and resources you have available, what your vision is for your book, and ultimately what’s your goal.

Spend some time visualizing your book and its audience(s). The following questions will help you brainstorm what you would like your book to look like and to achieve:

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• Can I picture a typical reader of my book? Who are they? What has brought them to my book? (These folks are your primary audience.)

• What do I hope this typical reader will take away from reading my book? What will they have learned? What will they feel?

• How do I envisage my book looking as that reader reads it? (How many pages is it? What size? Hardback or paperback? Illustrated or not?)

• Are there other types of people who would read my book? Who are these other (secondary) audiences?

• What would they be looking for from the book?

• Would the book need to be presented differently to appeal to them?

• What about me as the author? If I create the kind of book that I think my primary audience is looking for, will it satisfy me personally, or am I looking for something else from the experience of holding and reading my own book?

• If the book I’d like to create for myself is different from what I think other people are looking for, how do I envisage the book that I personally would like to read, if price were not a limiting factor?

• Finally, what is my main goal for my book? Is it:

  • To reach as many people as possible with my story?
  • Or to make money from my project, either from book sales or indirectly by establishing me as an authority and consultant?
  • Or to create a sublime work of art that would be treated as a treasure?
  • Or a combination of these goals?

Write down your answers and refer to them often as you plan your self-publishing project. They will help guide your decisions.

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