Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Brown Babies, Pink Parents

Front cover of Brown Babies, Pink Parents, by Amy Ford

Front cover of Brown Babies, Pink Parents, by Amy Ford

Brown Babies, Pink Parents

Author: Amy Ford

Self-published on Lulu.com

Page Count: 125 pages

Size: 6″ x 9″

Binding: Soft-cover, perfect bound

Interior Color: Black and White

Price: $14.95

Order from Lulu.com.

See the book’s website at www.brownbabiespinkparents.com

Our role on this book:

Author Amy Ford first contacted me in May of 2010 to request a bid for editing on her narrative non-fiction book on raising black kids in a family where the parents are white. Amy would be presenting at an adoption conference in early August 2010 and wanted to have copies ready in time to take with her.  So starting 1st of June, we needed to complete the editing by the end of June to get the text and cover to print-on-demand publisher Lulu.com a month ahead of the end-of-July publication date. It was a tight timeline but everyone involved worked hard to make it happen.

As part of the editing process, I copy-edited the text using Microsoft Word and incorporated MS Word formatting Styles as a way of marking up the headings for the production designers. I gave Amy advice on copyright issues and permissions and helped her choose among the text design templates that Lulu.com offered. Sidebar text needed to be typeset as image files; I used Adobe PhotoShop to create two styles of sidebar. After I had incorporated changes from Amy’s own proofreading of the edited text, I handed over a final Word file on June 28th for her to upload to Lulu.com.

Amy’s friend, graphic designer Karen Barry, created the beautiful cover for the book. We wish Amy every success with her new book and in her new role as published author. Congratulations!

Working with Jane Ross on my first book has been an incredible experience!…

–Amy Ford, Mother, Author, Advocate

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