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An Enduring Legacy

January 1, 2010 by  
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Perhaps you’ve thought about writing a memoir but wonder, What difference will it make in the grand scheme of things? Just last month, I learned that my grandfather’s memoir, which I edited for him more than twenty years ago, lives on and is still being read. And I learned his book had brought comfort to […]

Know Your (Copy)rights

October 19, 2009 by  
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So you want to submit your writing to magazines? Here are some basic tips about rights. What is Copyright? Whenever you create an original work (for example, when you write a story about your life), your piece of work is automatically covered by copyright law. Your “copyright” is the right you have to decide how, […]

Copyright: Protecting Your Blog Posts

September 19, 2009 by  
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(First published on the Story Circle Network Blog) Recently, a friend contacted me for advice on a thorny problem. She suspected that whole paragraphs, personal reminiscences of her own, and photos she had taken had been lifted from her blog and from her 2008 book of personal stories and inserted into very similar stories on […]

Trailing Vines

September 2, 2009 by  
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I have been editing sample pages of a memoir by Lita, a woman in the Continuing OWL writing circle that I have facilitated once a month since 2003. From force of habit, I pick up my red pen and mark the words and punctuation I would change. By the time I am done, the page […]


August 25, 2009 by  
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Have you noticed how it’s easier to spot the errors in someone else’s writing than in your own? When we’ve written, revised, read, and reread the same text over and over, we see what we think we have written, not what we have actually written. Our eyes, our minds, and the mechanics of reading are […]

Fix Those Typos!

A well-proofread piece of text is not a sign of moral superiority. But most readers will judge a piece of text by the number (and egregiousness) of the typos. This is especially true of those readers with a well-developed English-teacher persona and a timid poet. So if you’re writing for a well-educated readership, fix those […]

The Editor As Poet

August 12, 2009 by  
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In the mind and psyche of everyone who loves the written word live two beings, two personas—the poet and the English teacher. Among those of us who call ourselves editor or publisher, the poet and the English teacher live in an uneasy marriage, and guess which one wears the trousers. We editors are more confident […]

Pitching Our Stories: Notes from a writers’ conference

August 10, 2009 by  
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This summer, I attended the annual Writers’ League of Texas Agents Conference—a weekend of intense listening, learning, getting to know some warm-hearted and talented Texan writers, meeting agents, and pitching stories. Three key points rose to the top in the ocean of information that was the conference. The state of the publishing industry In two […]

Welcome to Women in the Waves

August 5, 2009 by  
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Women in the Waves is the online home of MJR Publishing Services and editor M. Jane Ross. So where did the name come from? Women in the Waves was the name of a powerful creative writing workshop series offered in Austin Texas in the early 2000s by writing teacher Sheron (Sherry) Sharpe, M.F.A. Working with […]

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