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Have you noticed how it’s easier to spot the errors in someone else’s writing than in your own? When we’ve written, revised, read, and reread the same text over and over, we see what we think we have written, not what we have actually written. Our eyes, our minds, and the mechanics of reading are […]

Fix Those Typos!

A well-proofread piece of text is not a sign of moral superiority. But most readers will judge a piece of text by the number (and egregiousness) of the typos. This is especially true of those readers with a well-developed English-teacher persona and a timid poet. So if you’re writing for a well-educated readership, fix those […]

The Editor As Poet

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In the mind and psyche of everyone who loves the written word live two beings, two personas—the poet and the English teacher. Among those of us who call ourselves editor or publisher, the poet and the English teacher live in an uneasy marriage, and guess which one wears the trousers. We editors are more confident […]