Saturday, March 23, 2019




“Working with Jane Ross on my first book has been an incredible experience! I was naive of the editing process when I brought my project to her and she took my hopes, dreams, and my words and transformed them into a tangible, marketable product.

“Without a doubt I could not have published my work as quickly as I have without Jane’s attention to detail, tremendous knowledge, and wealth of experience in the industry.  She has been a godsend and I will be forever in her debt.”

–Amy Ford, Mother, Author, Advocate

Amy is the director of Parenting Across Color, an advocacy and support group for the adoptive parents of children of color. Amy has drawn on her own experience as the mother of three African-American girls to create a how-to book for transracial families, Brown Babies, Pink Parents. — Jane


“It would be hard for us to praise Jane’s work as much as it deserves. Without her help, our edition of Jenny Bornstein’s memoir would not have been nearly as elegant, and its publication would have taken twice as long. Jane combines superb technical skills (publishing software, PhotoShop) with a fine command of English grammar and style. She has the eagle eye of a master proofreader and an ear that is tuned to the felicitous phrase. Her editing suggestions are eminently practical. Jane was flexible, encouraging and patient as we prepared Jenny’s memoir for publication. She worked rapidly, accurately, and with genuine insight into our project. We found it a true pleasure to work with such a congenial and competent professional as Jane.”

— Olga and David Wise, Austin, Texas

Olga and David Wise translated, edited and annotated the memoir of  Olga’s great grandmother, written in the 1940s and reflecting her experience of growing up in mid-19th century Berlin. They came to me to help them turn their work into a fittingly designed and produced volume.


“Jane Ross is the best writing mentor anyone could ever ask for. She taught me how to believe in myself, and how to use the new writing tools of the 21st century. We worked together at The Story Circle Network for a few years. It is a writing organization that encourages women to tell their life stories. Jane encouraged me to be not only a better writer but a better person as well. She was firm and tough at times, but she was also the warmest and most supportive teacher anyone could ever hope for.” — Sharon Blumberg

Writer Sharon Blumberg is a junior-high Language Arts and Spanish teacher and a budding freelance writer. She was a contributing editor on the Story Circle Journal while I was Editor in Chief, and I worked closely with her over a year or more as she developed her online tech skills and her writing voice. Sharon has had a story published in My First Year in the Classroom: 50 Stories that Celebrate the Good, the Bad and the Most Unforgettable Moments. Her story, “Coming Full Circle,” is an inspiring account of how she turned adversity and seeming failure into optimism and progress.  Sharon was also a contributing author to Kitchen Table Stories.

Workshops and Writing Group Facilitation


“We finished our OWL Writing Circle [workshop] last week and I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a delightful job Jane Ross did as our facilitator.

“Jane is a fantastic facilitator. Her gentle spirit and firm nature kept us on track yet allowed each of us time to express those stories that were most on our hearts.  She kept us moving forward and guided us through the exercises and encouraged each in the telling of our stories….We look forward to our next workshop this June…and would be delighted for Jane to again facilitate for us.”

— Sylvia Dickey Smith, Author

Author Sylvia Dickey Smith was instrumental in organizing a writing workshop at her church and approached Story Circle Network to find a facilitator. I facilitated two five-week workshops at the church. These Older Women’s Legacy (OWL) workshops are aimed at senior women who have never thought of themselves as writers and who need nurturing guidance as they take their first steps into writing their life’s story. Sylvia, though already a seasoned writer, joined us as a participant in these workshops. She is the author of three novels and a Cajun/Southern cookbook, available on Amazon. Read her blog at